Calming your dog

22 Dec

Calming your dog

Many owners Trainer Nic sees are beside themselves with not knowing how to calm their dog. Calming your dog is actually very easy, as long as you are clear and understand what is upsetting or causing anxiety in Fido.

To do this, you need to look at how your dog responds to certain things such as loud noises, cars, motorbikes, buses, skateboards, hair dryers, electric razors, anything that produces a sound or a potential anxiety level in your dog. Your dog won't necessarily know to how to react to any of these objects, sounds so you need to help your dog and teach them to be calm around these triggers.

Being calm around your dog comes down to you, as the owner, you need to be calm, if you react to something in an anxious or upsetting way, your dog will take this as the way he/she should also react.

Be as calm as you can around your dog no matter what is going on. Slow down around your dog, reward your dog when it is simply lying down relaxing, praise, praise, praise your dog, we cannot say it enough when you dog is being calm and relaxed.

When your dog is reacting in an excitable way and continues to do so without going back to a calm state quickly, your dog needs to learn to calm down and you will find you will enjoy your dog more and have a much more relaxed household.

Here are some things you can do around your dog to help him calm -

Stay calm as much as you can in situations and in new environments.

Yawn or lick your lips around your dog, this can mimic "Calming signals" in your dog and help him to relax.

Praise your dog when he is being brave, relaxed, settled, greeting nicely, sleeping well, lying down and alert but not excitable.

Avoid eye contact when praising your dog for being in a relaxed state as this can be a signal that the dogs needs to interact with you when really what you are wanting is your dog to relax down. Praise your dog, without giving eye contact too much!

Calming your dog will create a more relaxed household and you will build your relationship with your dog and enjoy your dog much more!

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