Common problems - all owners say the same

5 Jul

Common problems - all owners say the same

My clients out there all experience the same stuff when it comes to their dogs - does the following sound familiar?


Not coming to me when called!

Jumping up on me and visitors - how can I stop this?

My dog doesnt listen to me!!!!

My dog growls at me around food.

The dog and kids play and then the dog nips

How can I walk my dog without him pulling me down the street?

I can't walk my two dogs together - arrgghh!

How do I walk with baby in pram and my dog at the same time?

My dog won't eat all his dinner?

When can I start walking my dog?

What collar is best to use?

What is the best deal for my dog?

My dog won't come to me in a dog park!

the list goes on and on and on....

Are these familiar to you?  If so, email us and we will help you.

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