The dangers of your dog getting spooked

2 Jan

The dangers of your dog getting spooked

Well we read a sad story today of a family dog impaling itself on the fence after being spooked by fireworks which in fact were illegal and being this time of year when fireworks are popular, it's hard to be sure that there won't be any around like this. It is so sad as this could have been avoided so easily, firstly by not having the fireworks go off but also by making sure if you have a dog that is scared of loud noises, storms, fireworks, anything like that, to either ensure they are safe whilst you are away from your house or have them trained to be desensitised to their phobias.

There are many dangers if your dog is nervous or scared easily around all of these things, they can escape and get hit by traffic, get lost and impounded by the council which may mean being put to sleep. They can get stuck in or around things in your yard and also destroy objects such as doors, windows, gardens, hosing, as well as hurting themselves in the process.

So, please if you have a dog that is scared of some things, be proactive and get the right training or ensure your dog is going to be safe. Desensitisation can take approx. 6 weeks of work if done correctly.

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