How to stop dog barking?

31 Aug

Do you want to stop dog barking? It's very hard to fix and it can take time and understanding as to why your dog is barking. Barking can be for many reasons but when of the most obvious ones is stress and anxiety and attention seeking wrapped together all one.

Fix these issues and you will stop dog barking. A shock collar will simply stress your dog more, we understand you need a quick fix, but its a band-aid fix and won't actually get to the bottom of why your dog is barking.

One technique we learnt a long time ago to stop barking but don't always use is to scare the dog with metallic noise whenever the dog barks. Numerous articles on the internet will suggest that dogs don't like metallic noises, like a tin with coins or screws in it. This won't always work if you don't introduce it the right way to the dog either. We've had many clients who have already tried this to stop dog barking with no avail and others that tried it and it worked beautifully.

When your dog is barking for attention seeking, you need to ignore your dog but start off doing it in stages, not straight away. Don't try to ignore them for 1 hour or more to stop dog barking. Start with just 2 minutes, get a distraction like a squeaky toy and then get your dogs attention without actually physically going to your dog to squeak it and then reward your dog quickly when he/she is quiet, even for a split second. Remember you must praise your dog within 3-6 seconds of the good behaviour occuring and correct your dog within 3-6 seconds of the bad behaviour occuring.

Please don't EVER HIT OR SMACK YOUR DOG in order to stop dog barking - IT DOESNT WORK and will teach your dog YOU ARE A BOSS, NOT A LEADER. Very important you realise this, your dog will not understand what it has done wrong, except that you are angry and the dog will want to get away from you without really knowing why.

Barking is a very hard problem to fix, and if you have continued problems, we suggest you invest in a canine behaviour specialist to come to your home and work through all the issues your dog is having. Once you get to the root of the problems, you will stop dog barking!

Keep in touch with us with how you go in your quest to stop dog barking, but please don't use a shock collar; most of the time they don't work, stress your dog out more AND vets end up seeing holes in dogs throats where the dog will just keep barking regardless. Be VERY careful using these collars.

Woof! We hope this helps stop dog barking and gets you to understand that your dog has some issues that need to be addressed and once you do this the right way, your dog will actually be very happy and relaxed in life.

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