Labradors - this breed in the home

5 Aug

Labradors - this breed in the home

We train a lot of Labrador dogs, puppies, you name it, not matter what age, what behaviour problem we deal with it.
Labradors can be a great dog, family pet and also work tool. They are used throughout the world as sniffer dogs, detection dogs, guard dogs, as well as family pet where you feel comfortable knowing they can run around with the kids and have fun, without causing any harm.
Labradors are known for their eating for one! They LOVE food, I’ve come across a couple that aren’t too food oriented, but overall this is not the case and food is the way to their heart, soul, everything!
Labradors are also just big puppy dogs for years in their demeanour. They love greeting, jumping up, being your best friend, getting lots of pats and attention, and most of all being rewarded with their favourite treats.
Labrador puppies are the most adorable, they really are! No one can ever say they don’t think that Labrador puppy isn’t cute!
Owners choose Labradors for their beautiful temperament and nature, however they can also be quite dominant and challenging if managed or brought up the wrong way. Always be careful, no matter what breed around kids with the dog, even our beloved Labrador.
Some of the worst cases of aggression, territorial and fear have been from Labradors. Again, like any dog, if they are not given the correct leadership and discipline (in a positive way), they will become dominant not through choose, but through necessity.
Be careful of Labradors around young kids, remember young kids are smaller in body size and so sometimes the dog won’t respect the kids and see them as ‘play things’ instead of higher up in that hierarchy that you want to create at home. Also with kids, when they have food, Labradors in particular will do anything to get near that food! So teach your kids to keep food away and not lying around, I know this can be hard, so also teach the dog that it is wrong to steal food from fingers, hands, off tables and benches, anywhere that isn’t desirable for the dog to be taking the food from, basically anywhere except out of its own bowl.
Don’t get me wrong, I love all dogs, Labradors are so friendly and beautiful and ridiculously good looking! Just remember to research the breed, any breed you are looking to adopt or purchase as a new won’t be disappointed, just keep up your basics and you will be fine.
Labrador retrievers are full of personality and love to give!

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