Nervousness in your dog or puppy

6 Jul

Nervousness in your dog or puppy

This scenario is given to me a LOT, my clients have a nervous dog or uncertain dog or puppy.  One of the first things I ask my clients is about the dogs heritage, breeding etc. did they meet the parents?  Do they know whether its in the breeding at all, let alone the actual breed they have as well.

After we know this information, then we need to look at what age they got the dog, what the history and experiences of the dog/puppy is, has any of it imprinted during that crucial time (6-16 weeks for puppies), what interaction the owner has and how they relate to the dog when there is nervousness going on.

Once we have established all of this, then we can devise a plan of attack as to how we can improve the dogs confidence and that in turn will help fear, nervousness, uncertainty.

There are many variables to consider here, but most of all, if you provide good leadership you will have your dog trusting you more and also respecting you more.

Its like a domino effect, it really is, once you get respect as a great leader to your canine, everything else will fall into place to a certain degree.

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