Obedience Lessons

25 May

Obedience Lessons

These are interesting and fun. Each client is different and takes on board the various lessons, instructions etc. differently. Some just get it, others, well it takes a bit longer.

I have many mums at home who want to know how to handle the dog better. The dogs grow up and become stronger and smarter. Families really struggle to then get control of their new puppy or adolescent dog, especially the bigger breeds.

So my job is to make mums out there stronger and more confident in handling their dogs. It works really well, so many people want to learn and really commit to what I teach them. I visit them regularly, usually weekly with updates and more to learn and always give them homework…..I can soon tell if they haven’t been practicing!!!

Dogs don’t lie! He he….. their body language and the way they relate to their owners soon tells me if they have been practicing or not.

Its important even just 10 minutes a day to train and be consistent and repetitive. I teach my mums out there to train when they are in a good mood and not too tired. Most of all always finish on a positive. Even if this is just a simple ‘look’.

It always makes the clients feel better when they finish on a positive, as they can get quite frustrated and unhappy if they are failing at a few things or the dog is playing up…..however finishing on a high makes such a difference.

I always tell my clients to be patient and persistent with their doggies….! That’s very hard as they play up, they jump around, they nip and play around, they steal personal items, they do everything wrong, especially when they are young and puppy like.

Most of my dogs I work with for obedience are anywhere from 4.5 months of age upwards to about 2.5 years.

The hardest part of the obedience lessons is keeping the humans under control and focused, not so much the dogs!

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