Puppy out of control?

I get a LOT of enquiries about puppies and dogs out of control in the home. I have been recently been thinking about why this is so, why are so many of our dogs and puppies out of control in our homes?

It could be because of the following -

We expect our dogs and puppies to fit in with our environment.
We think they think like we do! - ah definately NOT!
We think they can just put up with everything around them, things like loud noises, big cars, trucks, bikes, skateboards, noisy garden tools, all sorts of things that they don't understand.
Dogs and puppies are expected to just put up with tails being pulled by kids, ears being pulled by kids, ignored, put outside for no reason, hang out alone all day long, walk correctly beside us and listen to us 100% all the time.

Well ummmmm we can't expect any of these things unless we teach them through ways of simplicity, consistency and being repetitive and gentle. It actually only takes a few minutes a day to make a BIG difference to your pups behaviour. Trust me, it is quite easy.

We love our dogs as part of our family and they can do wonderful tasks for us and show us unconditional love. Think about how you teach your dog and get your timing right - you will find that your dog does start to relax and actually listens to you!

Ask us how and good luck.....:)

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