Reward brave behaviour only!

4 Jul

Reward brave behaviour only!

Nearly all of my clients reward their dogs in the wrong way, without realising it.  The messages we give our dogs are quite different to what we think we are telling them.....People think they take on the same messages as humans..



we are different species, dogs live in the moment and they are associating praise or the tone of the praise and if we praise at the wrong time, such as when they are feeling unsure or nervous then we can actually feed that emotion instead.  When Im running a puppy school, if I have a nervous or fearful puppy, i i will ask the owners to simply ignore their puppy and let him/her comeout from under the chair or behind their legs of their own accord.  A puppy does not need to be forced out, it will actually make them feeling worse, remember they are trusting they will be ok, if you take over and if you prove to them that their feelings actually get worse they will lost trust and respect for you and you will go backwards in your training.

Only praise when they are showing BRAVE behaviour.  Ignore any NON BRAVE behaviour, it will make a very big difference to your dog if you follow these basic rules.

Your timing has to be spot on to priase, within 3 seconds I like to tell my clients, so they are onto it straight away when their dog is showing brave behaviour.

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