"What's Your Dog Telling You?" by Martin McKenna

16 Sep

"What's Your Dog Telling You?" by Martin McKenna

Trainer Nic has just read this book by Martin McKenna and found it be very resourceful when it comes to learning about basic dog body language and how to understand what your dog is telling you!

Having learnt from growing up and living with stray dogs, Martin has learnt a lot about how they communicate, their heirarchy and how it works and how clear rules in the dog world need to be listened and adhered to or else there will be problems in the pack.

As a trainer herself, Trainer Nic agrees with so much of what Martin has written that's why she found it a great resource for dog owners and has starting recommending it to her various clients.

Throughout the book many different scenarios are offered and Martin comes back with answers that make sense and are easy to follow and understand.

He talks about canine body language and how it really is an international language that once understood is quite easy to read and get to know your canine friend.

Trainer Nic gives this book 8.5/10!

Go buy a copy today. "What's Your Dog Telling You?" by Martin McKenna. ABC Books.

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