New pup for Xmas?

If you are thinking about getting a new pup for Xmas or for that matter any pet as a Xmas present for someone - try to remember that getting a dog is for life. It is a big commitment and it helps if you do your research on the breed you are looking at getting to join your family.

Also consider adopting a dog from a local shelter or council pound - this is a great way to give a doggie a second chance at life and it is a much cheaper option that buying a Pedigree from a breeder.

All the dogs you buy from shelters are temperament tested so it does give you piece of mind that they are suited to a family with children or maybe a one dog household....whatever your situation at home there is a dog breed for you that will be suitable and give you a lifelong friend.

Please seriously think about your idea of getting a dog at Xmas time, they are not the type of thing that should be bought as a present.

If you do get a puppy or a dog, invest in some dog obedience training in your area - getting the basics under control can mean the difference between you wanting to re-home that new pup and keeping it for life :).

Here are some key books that will help with puppy training, it's important to read up when you can about what you are getting into and how to manage situations....

Have a lovely Xmas everyone! Woof woof.....

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