Crate Training

Crate Training can be really easy for you and your dog, it is a great way to settle your dog down and get them sleeping really well as long as you do it the right way and teach them that the crate is a really safe, positive place for your dog to retreat to!

Follow these basic steps to help you along your way -

Praise your dog LOTS when he/she goes near the crate.

Feed them their meals in the crate so that they are busy thinking about eating instead of the environment they are in.

Put their favourite toys in the crate so that your dog wants to go in there and play with them.

Have them sleep in the crate next to you in the bedroom for the first few nights.

Then slowly move the crate to the area you want it to be more permanently and do it because you know your dog will feel safe and happy in there.

They need to trust the crate environment and relax in it so these tips above will help you on your way to positively crate training your dog!

Crate Training is a great tool to use for your dog.

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