Crate Training tips

Here are some more crate training tips for you and your dog!

Start with having the crate in an area that is fairly communal, so the dog feels like it is part of the family and the crate isn't anything to be scared of.

When your dog sniffs the crate or goes near it to check out what it is, reward your dog by praising him vocally and he will feel like when he displays this behaviour he gets attention and rewards so therefore he will want to repeat it again and again.

The more he goes near it, start encouraging him into the crate without forcing him at all.

Keep the whole crate area positive in everyway.

Don't force your dog into the crate at all.

Feed your dog their dinner in the crate.

Feed treats to your dog in the crate.

Don't shut the door until your dog is comfortable inside the crate and will go in and out of its own accord.

When you do finally come to shutting the door, simply do it for only a couple of minutes then open it again.

Your dog will become so used to the crate he will want to go in there of his own accord and you will succeed in crate training.

Good luck with the exercise and we hope you enjoyed these crate training tips.

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