What to feed your puppy.

1 Aug

What to feed your puppy.

Here are some tips on what to feed your puppy dog!

Keep your feeding simple. Always talk to your vet about what they recommend you feed your new puppy.

Don't give your puppy lots of choices, this will make them fussy.

Don't feed them human food, canines have certain dietary needs that high quality dog food has been specifically created to meet.

Always feed them the highest quality dry food your budget will allow.

Feed your puppy 3 times daily if possible up until 12 weeks of age.

Feed your puppy twice daily if possible up until 12 months of age.

Feed your puppy, puppy food until approx. 12 months of age and check with your vet when they are happy for your to switch your puppy to eating adult dog food.

Don't give in after a couple of mealtimes if your puppy doesnt eat the food, keep trying and they will eat it when they are hungry. If you give them too much variety they will get fussy.

The food best for your puppy is from your vet surgery, they sell the highest quality food available for your canine and the high quality food lasts longer as well.

Keep fresh water at all times available for your puppy.

Don't feed your puppy any COOKED bones....always raw.

Happy feeding!

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