Dog Parks - problem or playtime?

14 Jun

Dog Parks - problem or playtime?

well its interesting - dog parks can be wonderul, but as I saw today, when the general public take their dogs there they honestly expect their dogs to get on with every other dog and it doesnt work that way people!  Not every human likes every other human.


And just because your dog goes over and runs and annoys a dog doesnt make it malicious or dangerous.  If your dog is picked on by lots of other dogs, it doesnt make your dog a bad dog or those other dogs....there are VERY few dogs who are actually wanting a bad situation, dogs fight to win, not to kill.

Also when dogs are in a bit of a scuffle, it always looks and sounds worse than it is.  The average dog owner though does not know this and they freak out if there is even one little growl or scuffle.  Everyone needs to relax a little and understand that they dont think like us.  Dont expect them to react they way you want them to either ok?  Don't humanise your dog PLEASE.

Dog parks can be wonderful wonderful places, however please take care when you are using them.

Get your dog off lead asap once you are inside a dog park, there is always more frustration when dogs are on lead.  Lead frustration is such a problem and can really get you down.  Also dont tie your dog up inside a dog park either.

Its also best if kids arent kicking soccer balls around or stimulating the dogs even more, dogs can get really upset or jealous with toys etc and playing with other dogs isnt always what every dog wants either.

Dog parks are a hard one....but if you take care and manage your dog as best as possible then you should be ok, but please be careful and KNOW your dogs personality as well as understand what breeds your dog might be a bit unsure about.  They recognise breeds that they have had problems with and also they recognise their own breeds so actually they sometimes end up playing together in their little breed groups.

Enjoy the dog parks but be careful and responsible owners!




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