Get your Dog Training right

Everyone who owns a dog would like their dog to be well behaved, loyal, obedient, have manners, not bark too much, not be destructive and maybe even smell nice most of the time!

Well - all of these things CAN be achieved however there is one thing that is key to this occurring.


You must practise your behaviour training, obedience training, manners, tricks, walking on lead, correcting and praising, bathing and grooming and playing with your dog consistently. This is the key to achieving the results you desire.

Even just 10 mins a day can make a huge difference to a dog learning and you building your bond with your dog. To gain results from your dog, you need to have your dog respect you, listen to you and you must follow through on everything you teach.

Also, big one to remember - don't correct your dog using harsh methods. Use a vocal correction only and lots of praise when your dog is doing the right thing.

When you do lessons with Nic she can teach you all of this and more.

Learning under 'The Dog Whisperer' in Australia, Nic regularly shows this book to her clients and recommends it highly as an excellent read. It really does teach you what your dog is thinking and how they are acting, there is an explanation for all that is going wrong.....

Good luck and remember - consistency is the key!

Happy Training.

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