Loose lead walking

25 May

Loose lead walking

This is hard to get with dogs, people need the right training to understand how to do this properly. Most people use the wrong equipment as well. I wish there was more equipment on the market that provided the right tools for what common people want. My mums and dads out there who want to be able to walk their dog out there nicely on the lead simply don’t know what to buy or what’s best for their breed, size of dog.

Loose lead walking makes such a difference to our dog. It relaxes them, when the lead is tight or taught, it puts the dog on guard and they fight against it. Lots of my owners out there don’t understand this and pull the lead tight in order to gain more control of their dog, but all it does it makes it harder to walk the dog and also their arms get sore and some of my clients have had broken bones, dislocated shoulders, you name it! Ladies out there are almost scared to walk their dogs because the walk is just not enjoyable anymore.

I help them change all of this around, its actually very easy. I don’t use choker chains, simply slip collars and they work wonders. Head collars are sometimes used as well depending on the dog and how the owner is coping learning to walk the dog on the neck collar.

The head collars work really well but there’s only a couple of brands out there I like using. Some of them out there, come off too easily and people don’t realise this till after they have spent the money. Once again too many people spend money without being educated on what to buy and when they get the wrong stuff, it makes their job harder to walk their dog and have good control over them out and about.

Any tightness on a lead really you don’t want. The iphone app will show you more of this, which you can download from the app store at Apple.

Most days I am teaching people what to do to walk their dogs on loose lead. Some of the leads can be really slippery or ropey too, you don’t want this as they wont get grip if the dog pulls or sees something such as a cat or bird or something they wish to chase.

I show them a couple of laps of what I want and then its really easy for them to get it and what I am instructing them on what to do.

Its always great fun when I get the owners walking their dogs on loose lead!!!!

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