Fun games for you and your dog

13 Dec

Fun games for you and your dog

By Nicola Playtime fun games, fetch

Some fun games for you and your dog that you can play during holidays with the kids, just on your own, or with the whole family!

Fetch - teach your dog to bring the toy back to you, do this be encouraging the dog back to you, be fun, exciting and then when the dog does come back, give him lots of praise for returning to you. Now that you have the dog with you, teach your dog to 'give' or 'ta' so that the dog returns the item to you, rather than thinking it can run off again with it.

Teaching 'give' or 'ta' is easy, simply have something else on you (such as a yummy healthy treat) and repeat the command so that when the dog does let go of the item for the yummy treat, you praise heavily again! This way your dog will start to learn that giving the item is much more beneficial to him and he will want to repeat the behaviour again and again.

If you play fetch regularly and be consistent with your commands and praises, you will set your dog up to succeed!

Try playing fetch with your dog and let us know how you go. This is just of many fun games you can play with your dog.

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