Does your dog have a phobia?

5 Nov

Does your dog have a phobia?

Many of my clients that come to me for help are desperate to help their dog(s) overcome their phobias. Phobias can be to a range of things from the common thunderstorms and fireworks to a coffee grinder, lawn mower, motorbike, skateboard or even a hat someone will put on and this in turn will send your dog into meltdown with some form of extreme behaviour towards it.

The trigger will not necessarily be obvious until one day you are about to make that coffee and sure enough your dog decides to go nuts and bark, pace, whimper, growl, jump up and run back and forth at the coffee maker or grinder you are using. You will also be freaked out as you've never seen your dog act quite like this before and you are uncertain to say the least as to what to do, so generally you won't go through with using that equipment or you'll remove the dog from the room at the time. This however will make the situation worse and the dog more stressed. Instead you need to tackle the problem head on, but baby steps to begin with and work your way up to success!

Don't despair, there is help out there for your dog. It's a simple case of desensitisation with lots of repetitive work and patience. Once you establish a routine with what you want to achieve, it really doesn't feel like much work at all and you will see progress if you practise with your dog every day.

What you put into your dog's behaviour is what you get out of it, so remember phobias can be overcome and without the help of a professional trainer or behaviourist using positive methods, not fear based ones, you can get on the right track to phobia freedom!

You will soon be able to enjoy that coffee or mow that lawn without the headache of your dog getting stressed out and over stimulated.

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