Kids and Dogs

Having kids and dogs in the home getting on together is such a common problem. Follow these basic tips to help you take off on the right paw!

Don't leave kids and dogs unattended together, especially any children under the age of 10.

Have a 'chill-out' area for your dog to relax in if kids and dogs aren't getting along.

Don't allow the children to approach the dog whilst in "chill-out", this is the space for the dog to settle and chill. This is not a punishment, but a management tool.

Teach your kids to interact with the dog in a positive way. Employ a trainer or behaviourist to come into your home to teach the kids what they can to play and interact with the dog in a fun, rewarding way.

When feeding time is due for the dog, make sure the child helps out in some way, as long as the process is completely supervised by an adult. Your dog will gain more respect for the child this way.

Learn the correct method to stop your dog jumping up on kids, so the best way to not hurt the dog or practise an 'older school' method, is to use a vocal correction and shuffle towards the dog, so that you get into the personal space of the dog. You must do this correctly. On the iPhone app, lesson 8 shows you exactly how to do this.

Kids and dogs need to get on harmoniously in the 'den' so encourage fun games, such as tug-o-war and chasing games. The dog must always chase the children and the children must always win tug-o-war.

The more your child enjoys the dog, the more likely the dog will kept as a family pet and not surrendered, so following these basic steps will help you work towards this goal. Kids and dogs can get on really well and have a great relationship together.

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