Puppy preschool and why it's important

Puppy pre school is so important for your puppy to attend. We run Puppy preschools in Brisbane and also send information to puppy owners who want to know more about whether they are doing things right from the first day of having puppy at home. Our puppy pre schools are fun, interactive and filled with knowledge that is priceless for new owners out there when first having a puppy.

Socialisation is a key part of puppy preschool, it is important for your pup to be able to meet and greet, run around, learn from and play with other pups in the class. This can all get a little overwhelming for the new owners, with puppies running and tussling with each other, however a professional puppy preschool will ensure that the playtime and socialisation is controlled and without problems but instead for all to enjoy. That way the owners can sit back and relax and enjoy watching their puppies interact and behave in a way that may be for the first time in some cases.

We encourage all puppy owners to attend a puppy preschool near you. Check that the class you do attend is run in a clean, controlled environment and not outside on grass or sand, as most likely your puppy won't be fully vaccinated and can be at risk of contracting an illness.

If you come to one of our puppy preschools, we hope you enjoy and feel free to write a Google review to share your experience with others.