Puppy schools

5 Aug

Puppy schools

Puppy schools
Looking to take your puppy to puppy school? Read the following and make sure your local puppy school is doing the following –
It is held in a very clean and controlled environment, not outside. Your puppy can get very sick if they are allowed to be at a place whereby there is a risk of catching something untoward...parvo virus, etc can kill your dog.
Your puppy needs to have had its first vaccination, however its not essential that they be fully vaccinated....this is the case if the above step is adhered to...so its held in a clean and controlled environment.
Make sure the person running puppy school understands some dog behaviour, you do not want to turn up to puppy school, only to find they are not going to be able to answer simple questions like ‘why does my dog jump up?’, ‘how do I fix digging?’, why does my dog not come to me when called?’. These are key questions that need to be answered there and then by puppy school....they are key to you understanding your puppy.
Make sure the puppy school covers basic obedience – so at a young age, we can’t expect too much from our pups, however a basic sit, drop, come, shake paw and walking on lead are key to getting you started off on the right foot.
Make sure the puppy school covers toilet training, grooming, feeding, teething, these again are key subjects that you will need to know as a new puppy owner.
Make sure the puppy school instructor monitors every puppy carefully, when they are running around off lead and that they cater for boisterous and demanding down to shy and nervous pups. You as a new owner, need to be comfortable that nothing is going to happen to your puppy, such as an injury.
Make sure, most of all that your instructor is passionate about dogs, dog behaviour, training, your kids being involved and not just there because they feel they have to be. You are there to have fun, learn lots and most of all get your puppy the best experience at that crucial imprinting age.
Choosing the right puppy school is hard and don’t just go for the cheapest puppy school. The saying is correct, you do get what you pay for.

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