Dogs in New York

Trainer Nic has seen many dogs in New York. Their owners take them out regularly for their 'bathroom' stops and to have a sniff and a walk around. There are all different shapes and sizes to be seen here and many have coats on and various pieces of equipment are used when out for their walk.

Chest harnesses are used a lot here to walk the dogs. Some choker chains and also prong collars. These are illegal in Australia, but are used here it seems.

The dogs in New York seem nice a relaxed around crowds of people too. There are the rules too - always pick up after your dog and 'curb' your dog, this means to stop the dog from toileting around these particular areas that are sign posted to do so.

Many of the dog owners here are keen to stop and chat and let strangers pat their dogs and say hello.

Most of the big dogs we've seen around Central Park, wheras the smaller ones are walked around the streets. That's what we've seen anyhow!

It's great to see that even in apartment living, the dogs can live a balanced and enriched life as long as all their needs are met.

The Dog Blog team has really enjoyed learning about the dogs in New York and the differences in their lifestyles and routines.

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