Puppy in-home sessions

Why are these so important? Well, let me tell you, they are one of the most popular services we provide here at The Dog Blog and it's because they are so flexible. The puppy in-home sessions really focus on exactly what you want to achieve in your environment during puppyhood.

These are fun, flexible, easy going and are worth it for new puppy owners whom are tearing their hair out with lack of sleep, toileting problems and destruction in the home for your precious new family member. What I find the most annoying for puppy owners are the problems with toilet training and sleeping, getting it just right so the whole family can get back to their normal routine and not be sleep deprived. The next on the list is then chewing and those sharp little puppy teeth and what damage they can do to precious items around the home.

These also set up with the knowledge of what to expect in puppyhood moving into adolescent months. Owners don't tend to realise how hard it actually is having a new puppy, how draining it can be and how it can really throw the family environment into a mess.

Nic can help you with all of your puppy problems and more in these puppy in-home sessions.

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