Is your dog digging holes?

I get asked this question a do I stop my dog from digging holes?

Well it depends how bad they are as to whether you need to take action or not, but mostly your dog digging holes will come down to boredom and perhaps anxiety...separation anxiety to be exact. But this is not the case for all dogs digging holes! So don't stress just yet if your dog is digging away.

Ask yourself if you are giving your dog enough to think about when he/she is outside in the backyard, when you go off to work, you leave your dog there for hours and hours and expect them not to do any damage to anything and this isn't a fair thing as dogs do get bored and they need things to do and things to think about.

Give your dog lots to play with, munch at, move around, and think about and you will find the holes will soon disappear as their mind has been used in other ways!

If the digging continues and you have given your dog lots of this environmental enrichment then you may find that your dog is suffering from anxiety, and if this is the case you need to enlist the skills of a behaviour specialist to fix this anxiety and get your dog back on track.

Get thinking about lots of fun things to give your dog.....he/she will thank you for it.

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