Do you think certain breeds are more dangerous?

31 Jul

Do you think certain breeds are more dangerous?

There are so many different breeds out there, its hard to know what to choose to suit your family situation, your commitment to exercising the dog, stimulating its mind, keeping from boredom setting in, the size of your location, yard, courtyard, apartment, acreage. What your budget allows food wise, training wise, equipment wise. Everything needs to be taken into account when looking at purchasing your new member of the family of the canine type!

There are certain breeds out there who are more dangerous than others, however this comes to personal opinion and also the upbringing, genetics, training, diet, medical issues of the dog.

I had a client today ask me if Rottweilers were a really dangerous breed, I said no I don't believe so, they are actually a very placid breed, however depending on what they have been exposed to and also what has been allowed to come out of them behaviour wise will affect their overall behaviour and how they treat visitors, strangers, people or dogs on the street.

Did you put your dog through puppy school? Was your dog exposed to many different stimulus from a very early age? Did you continue repetitive training in a positive way? Was dog to dog aggression allowed to manifest? Was human challenging or aggression allowed to happen and continue? Was the dog introduced to children early on? Was food taken off them in a positive way to teach the dog who pack leader is?

Various options and exposures are important in a dogs life, especially up to about 18 months of age.

Don't just assume a certain breed is more dangerous than others, EVERY dog has the ability to bite and have aggression, they have 42 weapons in their mouth and they have sharp claws, even puppy teeth and claws are very sharp and hurt human skin, especially young kids, babies and the elderly.

Really research a breed before taking a dog on. Talk to your vet about what they recommend as well and be realistic about how much effort and time you can put into your dog and its quality of life with your family.

Once you do your research you will be more prepared to handle the dogs needs and keep any unwanted behaviours at bay.

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