The Dog Blog classes available

31 Jul

The Dog Blog classes available

Check out our great classes available for you and your canine friend!

Email for bookings and further information.

Puppy Schools - 4 weeks $160.00 per puppy.

You will be flooded with information covering EVERYTHING when owning a puppy and EVERY puppy graduates...we don't get any failures in our puppy schools! Your pup only needs to have had its FIRST vaccination to attend as they are all held in CLEAN, CONTROLLED environments.

Juvenile Group Classes - 4 weeks $150.00 per dog (Discounts for two enrolled together)

This course takes you through the basics of how to walk with your dog, sitting, dropping, standing, staying, coming to you! YES we teach you how to get your dog to come back to you! Always held outside, your dog needs to be fully vaccinated to attend.

Juvenile Private Classes - 6 weeks $480.00 per dog (Discounts for two enrolled together)

This 6 week intensive takes you to a whole new level with your dog. Private tuition in the comfort of your own area....WE COME TO YOU and a time that suits you and your family.

Tricks classes - 3 weeks $135.00 per dog

These are so much fun! Learn 15 tricks over 3 weeks for you and your off and brag about how smart your dog is.

Advanced Tricks classes - 3 weeks $135.00 per dog

This course is for the incredibly intelligent dogs that just breeze through Tricks classes. We do some really amazing tricks and in 3 weeks your dog will totally surprise you and your friends as to what he/she can do!