Our Smart Dog Training App

9 Aug

Our Smart Dog Training App

Today is an exciting day at The Dog Blog offices as we've launched our first iPhone App called Smart Dog Training.

It's a horrible thought that when a family dog is out of control, some owners think their only option is rehoming, or euthanasia. The Dog Blog is passionate about fair treatment of all animals, and families being able to afford professional behavior and training advice to prevent unwanted behavior from the start. From this passion, the idea for the Smart Dog Training app came about. Trainer Nic was originally going to write a book however soon found that a free blog and an affordable app would better reach people given technology today.

These are some great features about the app:

• Very positive and gentle methods. Easy for any age dog owner to learn.
• It features twelve easy to follow video based lessons. Perfect to take with you to the park, beach or backyard!
• Each lesson has an accompanying set of slides to help you learn and instruct your dog at your own pace.
• Download lessons over WiFi, or individually. Alternatively, stream high or low quality video straight to your phone over 3G.
• Useful notepad to keep track of your training progress.

Good luck with your Smart Dog Training, and be sure to let us know what you think of the app!

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