Pet sitting for our clients!

18 Nov

Pet sitting for our clients!

Hi everyone,

The Dog Blog team would like to let you know we will be offering the following services over the Xmas period if you are in the Brisbane area -

Visits to your dog, including training practise, walking (lots of), games galore, feeding, watering, making sure your dog(s) are safe and secure.

We realise that many of you have missed out on booking your dogs into kennels, pet sitting services etc. so we would like to extend this service to you.

There is no minimum number of days to book in and it can be more than 1 visit a day.

Have piece of mind that your dog is well looked after over the Xmas holiday period.

Contact Trainer Nic on 0414 244 406 for further information or email us on

Woof Woof
The Dog Blog team!

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