Walking your dog the correct way

20 Dec

Walking your dog the correct way

To walk your dog the correct way, you need to have the leash nice and loose. Most of our clients freak out at this thought as they won't be able to control their dog, however if done the correct way, you can get your dog walking really well on a loose leash.

Simply teach your dog with vocal commands and a small 'tug' on the lead when your dog is pulling that he is come back beside you and stay in a small space next to you walking along.

You will need to practise this over and over, however as you praise your dog when the leash is loose and he is walking the right area beside you, he will want to repeat the behavior to get the reward.

Practise in small timeframes and always finish your training on a positive.

Watch our "Smart Dog Training" app to see how it is done.

Good luck with walking your dog the correct way.

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